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What’s This?

Now, normally when I write a post for this blog, it’s usually to say that I’ve eaten something from one or more of the various lists I’m trying to complete. This time, however, it is to dote on a particular restaurant I’ve visited numerous times.

I didn’t start this blog to get anything for free. I simply wanted to make sure there was a record of my completion of the various food lists you see in the menu above. However, I just received something TOTALLY awesome and I wanted to recognize the awesomeness.

I recently posted about my experience with Huey’s. I tweeted at them (@HueysRestaurant) that I had done so, and a few days later (yesterday, as of posting this) something arrived in the mail! Just look!

Huey's card

Huey's card inside
Wow. I was pretty blown away. I have never experienced anything quite like that before. Yes, the gift card is awesome (will DEFINITELY be making use of that :D), but the hand-written card was just the BEST THING!

So, to clear up my confusion, the sweet potato fries are served with a chipotle ranch dressing! Haha. Also, I definitely think I’ll be trying out the Bluff City burger next time 🙂 And I can’t endorse Huey’s enough. If you’re visiting Memphis, seek out one of their many locations.