Nuts & Chocolate from The Peanut Shoppe

This story takes place on January 29th, 2013.

The day we killed two birds with 1 stone, twice.

#92 on 100+ Things to Eat in Memphis – Nuts and Chocolate from The Peanut Shoppe

The peanut shoppeSince I’ve been in Memphis, I’ve been going with my wife to her job. In the afternoon, the office gets a bit peckish, so they all go to Walgreens on Main St to get some snacks. Naturally I tag along for the cultural experience… the problem with this, however, is that we constantly pass this sight:

It’s an intriguing sight. A hole in the wall with neon signs and peanut decals all over the store-front glass. What could be inside? I’ll tell you what, an old-world experience that I’ve never had before.

On this day, my wife and I decided to deviate from the group’s path and stop at The Peanut Shoppe for some snacky-snacks instead. I was blown away. This hole in the wall is like a magical portal that, when opened, extends far and… well, long. It’s not a wide shop, by any means, but it has a wide selection of nuts and chocolate (or nuts covered in chocolate). As you peruse the wares of The Peanut Shoppe, you will inevitably find yourself in a conversation with the owner. He’s a charismatic fellow with a gift of the gab. It made me think of what it must have been like in candy-stores of old, where candies were hand-made and people still said hello as they passed each other on the street.

Chocolate cashews and chocolate butter toffee almonds from The Peanut ShoppeMy wife chose the Chocolate Butter-toffee Almonds, and I chose the Chocolate Cashews. A quick weigh on the scale for each, a swipe of a card (which the owner advised us would be an additional $.50, and we then began a discussion about the 4% increase on Visa & Mastercard purchases, as well as whether or not one could live in a plastic-less society), and we were on our way to enjoy these delicacies.

Holy wow. My wife and I both agreed that the Chocolate Butter-toffee Almonds were an amazing flavour explosion. I certainly wasn’t expecting the toffee to be as crunchy as it was underneath the chocolate. And you definitely got that flavour coming through as well. And the Chocolate Cashew’s were amazing (you can’t go wrong with two of the best tasting things on earth). I definitely had the lion’s share of the haul as I could keep my hand out of the bags for more than 2 seconds after finishing a nut.

It just goes to show you, sometimes its good to get off the beaten path and explore. The Peanut Shoppe is on Main Street, opposite Brinkley Plaza and right next to Court House Deli.


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