Steak Burrito and Guacamole from Las Delicias Mexican Bar & Grill

The first Mexican restaurant I’ve written about on this list, and my first time to Las Delicias. Let’s begin.

This story takes place on January 28th, 2013.

#7 on 100 Things to Eat in Memphis Before You Die – Guacamole from Las Delicias

#13 on 100+ Things to Eat in Memphis – Guacamole from Las Delicias

#133 on 100+ Things to Eat in Memphis – Steak Burrito from Las Delicias

My wife has been sick all weekend with a stomach virus that has been going around. A particularly nasty form of the norovirus, it meant she was unable to eat almost anything for 2 days straight. Today was the day she gained her appetite back, and she decided on Mexican. A quick consult of the list meant we were headed to Las Delicias, which was perfect as we were headed out to Target which was apparently on the way.

Las deliciasYou know a place is good when they appear on a “best things” list multiple times. Granted that list was generated by a Yelp discussion, but there’s a reason people like it so much! It is, in fact, on the 100+ Things to Eat in Memphis list 3 times for different dishes, and in the top 10 on the 100 Things to Eat in Memphis Before You Die! Needless to say for their guacamole! Needless to say, I was excited.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were told to sit anywhere. Fantastic! A server was over right away to ask us what we wanted to drink, and if we wanted guacamole or cheese and chips. I, in my eagerness to try the guacamole, said “Yes”. She asked again which we wanted, and I said “Yes”, again. My wife finally had to step in and say we wanted the guacamole… oops.

Las delicias guacamole

Holy wow… the guacamole is amazing and well deserving of the #7 position. And the chips were so good! But lets break it down a bit. Why is it so good?

  1. Chunkiness. I love my guac chunky. I want pieces of avocado, tomato and onion, not a homogenous goop of green.
  2. Lime juice. I’ve said it over and over again to anyone who will listen that it’s worth it to use lime juice rather than lemon.
  3. Cilantro/corriander. If you hate this magical herb, you’re wrong. You’re just plain wrong. Suck it up and eat it.

To be quite honest, it reminded me of my own guac that I make at home, and I think that’s why it’s so good. It tastes fresh, home-made, like someone made it with care and didn’t just chuck a bunch of ingredients in a food processor.

Las delicias steak burritoIn regards to the main, as you can tell by the title of this post, I went with the Steak Burrito. I let my wife choose, and as we have already spent a lot eating out this month, she chose the cheaper option. But wow, this in no way tasted cheap. Mexican food has this mysterious quality to me that I can’t quite describe or recreate at home. I don’t know if it was in the spicing or the marinade, but that steak burrito was just so tasty. I tried it in every possible combination I could think of: with and without tortilla; with and without pico de gallo; with and without sour cream; with and without the other sauces they provided. It was all delicious and I couldn’t think of any other words to describe it.

Mexican food – good mexican food – often brings about a culinary word block in my attempts to unlock the mystery of why it’s so good. Las Delicias did just that. The food is SO GOOD. You will love it. It will be a yummy experience. Head on down to 4002 Park Ave and see for yourself! I’m looking forward to going back.


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