BBQ Nachos from Central BBQ

Central BBQ menu

I recently posted about an experience I had in 2010, eating ribs at Central BBQ. The primary purpose at that time was to compare ribs cooked in various States (I had some in Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina). This time I was coming to Central to cross something off the list that I had heard so much about.

This story takes place  on January 24th, 2013

#18 on 100 Things to Eat in Memphis Before You Die – Barbecue nachos (on homemade chips) from Central BBQ

#45 on 100+ Things to Eat in Memphis – Barbecue nachos from Central BBQ

This was just an ordinary day. We went to work, and came home. On the way home, we had discussed dinner. The lists came up, but we decided on just eating something at home. Arriving at home, we assessed the pantry situation… no coconut milk. We couldn’t have the Thai Green Curry we wanted. Go get coconut milk… or go get some BBQ?! As you can tell, BBQ won out!

I’ve been in Memphis for just over a month now and I STILL haven’t had BBQ. And living in Memphis, you smell BBQ almost everywhere you go. It’s been horrific! So when my wife asked what my number 1 pick from the list would be, it was BBQ Nachos from Central.

The first time we went to Central, my first trip to Memphis, my wife told me about their BBQ Nachos. At the time I was disgusted. BBQ sauce and cheese wasn’t something that went together in my head, but she insisted they were amazing. I was focussed on my ribs mission, however, and couldn’t be swayed. Time passed, my palate grew, and when the list came along I was ready and rearing to get my gob around a plate of BBQ nachos.

Central BBQ nachosWow. Look at that badboy. That is a stack of Central’s homemade chips, covered in pulled pork, slathered in BBQ sauce, drizzled with nacho cheese, and sprinkled with shredded cheese and jalapeños. I was in for a good time.

First things first, let me just say that I don’t think you would have the same experience if eating these nachos on tortilla chips. I think it would be tasty all the same, but Central’s homemade chips make this dish something special. The seasoning blend on the chips melds so well with the smokiness of the BBQ and the sweetness of the sauce that whenever I had a bite with every component it was like a sensory overload in my mouth. Each component is there for a reason, building and adding to each other to become an ornate tapestry of flavour.

Central BBQ nachosWith that said, miss 1 or 2 of those components and you’re brought back to earth quite quickly. My nachos had a small pool of BBQ sauce to one corner, and a portion of the pork was without sauce. It dropped the nachos from being food of the gods to something mere mortals could ascend to. I think if the construction of the nachos meant pre-mixing the pulled pork with the sauce it would allow for more even distribution, and a better experience in my opinion.

Considering that one minor exception, this dish is easily one of the best things I’ve eaten from these lists so far. And DO make sure you order it with their homemade chips, an option that I would not have known about had I not seen the list. Central BBQ continues to impress, so if you haven’t already, head to one of their locations and order some BBQ Nachos now!


2 thoughts on “BBQ Nachos from Central BBQ

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