World Famous Huey Burger & Sweet Potato Fries from Huey’s

This is most definitely not the first time I’ve had a burger from Huey’s, nor is it the first time I’ve eaten sweet potato fries, but it is the first time I have photographic evidence of both these things.

This story takes place on January 22nd, 2013.

#78 on 100+ Things to Eat in Memphis – Burger from Huey’s

#94 on 100 Things to Eat Before You Die – Sweet Potato Fries


photo by DiscourseMarker

The first time I went to Huey’s, it was the downtown location. Mary had taken me downtown to her job and we went to lunch with two of the developers, Troy and Andy. I ordered a World Famous Huey Burger with regular fries. Mary ordered something with sweet potato fries. Since that time I haven’t ordered any side other than sweet potato fries.

The second time at Huey’s was the Cordova location. We took our wedding party out to eat there before heading to Beale St. That night I believe I got a Señor Huey Burger, and sweet potato fries again. One of my friends got their dessert with sweet potato fries, which from my quick taste test was delicious!

The third time was at the Midtown location, soon after I arrived in Memphis in December, 2012. Our friends from Nashville were in town visiting family, and we all decided to catch up and get lunch at Huey’s. I think I got a Bluez 57, and once again… sweet potato fries.

The most recent time is when this story takes place. The same day on which I’m writing this! It was lunch at Mary’s office and, in what could only be described as deja vu, Huey’s was decided as the place to eat. Now, as you can see by the reference to the 100+ Things to Eat in Memphis list, it’s quite vague in terms of what burger you should have at Huey’s. There’s a reason for that… they’re ALL delicious. It’s hard to go wrong with a freshly made burger, cooked to order. This time I decided to go with the original, the World Famous Huey Burger, and, as usual, the sweet potato fries.

Sweet Potato Fries and Huey Burger

The World Famous Huey Burger is, quite simply, a very tasty cheeseburger. Is it the best I’ve ever had? It might be. If you define a cheeseburger as a ground-beef patty, a bun, cheese, and a couple of condiments, then it would definitely be up there with anything else I’ve eaten that resembles that description. I believe one of the reasons for this is that you can stipulate how you want your beef cooked. This is the only burger place I’ve been to where this is an option. You don’t have to put up with a dried out, overcooked disc of meat that you get from a fast-food restaurant.

The sweet potato fries, as you can see, are waffle-cut. This means more surface area in the frier, more crispiness, and (fortunately or not depending on your perspective) more delicious grease! These fries aren’t greasy, though. They balance on the line of salty and sweet like an expert tight-rope walker. I’m unaware if they put any seasoning on them aside from salt, but they are mouthwatering regardless. They provide with them some sort of dipping sauce. Honestly, I haven’t asked what kind of sauce they provide, but I believe it’s a variation on ranch dressing. With or without, these sweet potato fries provide your mouth with a crunchy on the outside/soft on the inside, sweet/salt flavour wave of love.

Huey's CeilingHuey’s is a fun place to come to, and I’ve never had a bad experience. The service is always excellent, and the food has never disappointed. Perhaps the best part? That pick in your burger? Put it in your straw, aim at the ceiling, and blow!

All my friends love Huey’s, and you will too. Head to any of their locations and have yourself a burger.


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