Blueberry Donut, Maple Bacon Donut & New Orleans Buttermilk Drop from Gibson’s Donuts

This story takes place on Saturday, 19th of January, 2013. The day we killed 3 birds with one stone and discovered a new list.

#26 on 100 Things to Eat in Memphis Before You Die – New Orleans Buttermilk Drop

#46 and #140 on 100+ Things to Eat in Memphis – Blueberry Donut & Maple Bacon Donut

Gibson's SignWhat a marvelous day this was. My wife and I went to Gibson’s Donuts with the mission of tasting their Blueberry Donut and their Red Velvet Donut, as these were on the 100+Things to Eat in Memphis list. It was our carb day, and I figured I should at least knock a couple things off the list while I was here in Memphis.

Upon arriving, we discovered they were out of the Red Velvet Donuts (located at #15 on the 100+ Things list). This scared me a little as I honestly wasn’t looking forward to trying the Blueberry Donut. I’m not a fan of blueberry muffins, or blueberry cupcakes. I like blueberries themselves, but for some reason, in muffin and cupcake form they don’t hit the spot with me. I made sure to inquire about the Red Velvet Donuts, hoping that they may have some out the back, recently cooked. The server advised they were all out for today, but to come by tomorrow. I mentioned the list to her, which was when she let me know about the 100 Things to Eat in Memphis Before You Die, and the fact that the New Orleans Buttermilk Drop was on that list…

Gibson's Interior

My wife and I had a quick discussion, and we purchased the donuts you see in the title (I didn’t realise at the time that the Maple Bacon Donut was a part of the 100+ Things list). Two words: donut heaven.

Blueberry Donut & New Orleans Buttermilk Drop

(L-R) Blueberry Donut, New Orleans Buttermilk Drop

Let me start with the Blueberry Donut. Firstly, it blew away my fears of tasting like a blueberry muffin. It was delicious, fluffy, doughy, and sweet. Granted, blueberry flavours weren’t assaulting my tastebuds with ferocity, but they were certainly there. The glaze was very thin, which I liked. Overall, deserving to be on the list.

Next up was the Maple Bacon Donut. Wow. It’s only recently that bacon has become a part of my sweet vocabulary of flavours. Before trying bacon with french toast and maple syrup, I don’t think I would have attempted this. I would have dismissed it as some crazy American attempt to be noticed (Baconnaise, anyone?). This was no attention seeker, this was an attention grabber. I believe they use hickory smoked bacon, because there was an intense smokiness coming through. Add to that the thick maple glaze, balancing out the salty bacon. Place it all on a canvas of deep-fried dough and you have, my friends, a masterpiece.

Maple Bacon Donut

Maple Bacon Donut

Finally, we went with the server’s recommendation of the New Orleans Buttermilk Drop. Now, I have no experience with this type of donut to compare this to. It apparently has a rich history in New Orleans, but my trip to New Orleans didn’t include this delicacy. And it is indeed a delicacy. I honestly am hesitant to describe it. It’s like a deep-fried ball of cake. But it’s unfair to compare it to cake. It’s not quite as moist, but it’s certainly not dry. It’s slightly crumbly, but in a good way. You definitely get a hint of buttermilk running through the donut. And the slightly crunchy exterior makes it a much more interesting experience than cake will give you.

Do head to Gibson’s Donuts on 760 Mount Moriah Road,  Memphis, TN 38117. They’re open 24 hours a day! You won’t regret it… unless you eat 10 in one sitting. Then you’ll probably regret it. But that’s your fault, not Gibson’s.


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